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Focus on Pocus


1. Review the medical school ultrasound milestones to accomplish over the next year:  Ultrasound Milestones for Medical Students

2. Learn by…learning:

Complete the curriculum at: Ultrasound Ninja

Try to front load much of this great FOAMed early in the year.  Other resources may be found on this site.  Consider joining AIUM, they have some great online and webinar education.

Download the TEXT BOOKS for the course, which are typically free on itunes. Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound, Volume 1 & Volume 2 by Mallin and Dawson.

3. Learn by…doing:

Schedule time to hone your hands on, psycho-motor skills.  Most of this can be in the emergency department, but may occur on other rotations as well.  You should complete at least 200 scans this year, but will likely complete more.  Save all scans if possible and keep a log.  Schedule time to review your scans with the IORs quarterly.  Schedule times to scan with the IORs!

There are other great ultrasound opportunities at UC Davis beyond the emergency department.  Email the IORs to set these up.

  • Doing an anesthesia rotation: ask to spend time with the pain team and those who do TEE (Dr. Orode Badakhsh)
  • Try to get down to the undergraduate campus to spend time with our sports medicine, MSK ultrasound specialists Drs. Jeffrey Tanji and Jeremiah Ray.
  • Spend some hours looking at echos with cardiology at UC Davis and the Sacramento VA.
  • Don’t forget about our great radiology ultrasound team!
  • Schedule time with the IORS or ultrasound fellows to use the simulation models and HeartWorks in the Center for Virtual Care.

4. Learn by…teaching:

Becoming an excellent instructor is critical for any POCUS expert, but it is also a great way to learn!  Teaching opportunities is one of our strengths here so take full advanatge! See this google doc for the updated teaching dates: Teaching Opportunities

We also provide equipment and education on how to make FOAMed resources.  Past students have created lectures and modules for their colleagues.  

5. Learn by carving out a special project:

Each student is required to complete a scholarly project during this year.  Think through it and meet with the IORs early to get a proposal in place.  Work diligenty throughout the year to meet your goals.  Pick something you are passionate about!  Past students have done educational work at the student run clinics and created online material.  Here’s an example: Student Educational Video

6. Other important things:

  • Every Thursday there is video review in the mornings and scanning shifts in the afternoons.  You are expected to attend some of these when possible.
  • You are expected to attend at least one monthly ultrasound journal club.  Please email Ken Kelley or the fellow ahead of time.
  • You are encouraged to submit a poster to AIUM in time for acceptance.  This will allow funding to attend the conference.
  • If you are interested in global opportunities please speak directly to Michael Schick.
  • Please attend to teach at office hours if you are available.
  • You have the opportunitiy to attend the faculty ultrasound course, but must schedule ahead of time with IORs.  4-6 are offered annually.
  • Past students have done teaching and outreach at the student run clinics. It would be great to keep this going and move onto QA and research projects there.
  • A OneDrive folder has been shared with you that contains additional resources.  Please upload proposals, logs, or any other documents you would like to share with the IORs.  If you would like resources and literature on a specific topic email the IORs directly and it will be uploaded to the OneDrive.
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