Thank you instructors!  Thank you Universal Imaging and SonoScape who donated the machines for the event.  This was UC Davis’s first SonoWars and it was a great success.  Over 100 students from all years at the school of medicine, NP/PA program, the EMXperience interns, and a 5 Touro Students attended the event.  Students were broke into 8 teams.  The night began with Dr. Nate Kuppermann giving a stirring introduction followed by 40 minutes of team video Q&A lead by myself.  The teams then competed in 8 games:

  1. How fast can you FAST?
  2. Pass the phyrigian cap: team RUSH exam
  3. Beat the expert: cardiac anatomy
  4. Beer goggles: thoracic exam
  5. Lung pathology tutorial
  6. Simulation case: pulmonary embolism
  7. Race to cannulate the peripheral IV
  8. Points for upper extremity anatomy: nerves and veins

The focus remained on upper extremity and thoracic anatomy because the first year medical students had just covered this in anatomy lab.

Also a thank you to our catering: The Blonde Empanada.